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GRE Math Review

Focused on your math score? You can master the GRE math section with practice and review. Austin Elite Prep's GRE math review will show you how.

GMAT Plus option includes math bootcamp to begin the course cycle.

GRE Prep

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August 19, 2024

Online GRE Classes Taught Live from Austin, Texas

In-Person GRE Classes Taught in Austin, Texas

27-hour GRE math course
2024 Price: $990
$350 non-refundable deposit required

If your GRE math score needs an extra boost to get you into your graduate program, you have the option to take only the math portion of Austin Elite Prep's comprehensive GRE course.

The professors at Austin Elite Prep are experts in all GRE math subjects. More importantly, they know how to explain the concepts in way that makes it easier for you to learn. In our in-person GRE prep course, you will build a strong foundation in GRE math essentials and learn the most efficient methods to tackle the toughest math topics. Guaranteed.

In-Person GRE Classes
Our Next GRE Class Cycle Is Taught Live Online.

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GRE Math Classes

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You'll get better results working with Austin Elite Prep's experienced professor, who will provide the techniques and strategy you need to advance your score. You will benefit from our GRE prep course's rigorous curriculum, and effective learning materials. However, we believe that the biggest "plus" for you is our commitment to your success.

GRE Classes are taught In Austin, Texas. We will arrange the transfer of course materials to you in advance.
GRE Evening Classes:
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

What You'll Receive

from Austin Elite Prep's GRE Math Review

  • 27+ hours of face-to-face instruction; small-group class with limited enrollment, allowing a high level of personal attention
  • Structured study curriculum for improved learning of GRE math concepts, starting with key math concepts as a foundation for more advanced GRE math topics
  • All GRE books and study materials for the math section of the GRE class
  • Exceptionally qualified and caring professors with experience explaining GRE math to students from various types of educational and professional backgrounds
topics Covered by the GRE Math Prep Course

Typical Structure of GRE Course

Session 1: 3 hours
GRE Math Fundamentals:
Comparisons-I, Percents
Reading Assignment: 1-2 hours
Session 2: 3 hours
GRE Math Fundamentals: Exponents, Integers-I
Assigned Problems: 2 hours
Session 3: 3 hours
GRE Math Fundamentals: Integers II, Algebra Intro
Assigned Problems: 2 hours
Session 4: 3 hours
GRE Math Fundamentals: Linear & Quadratic Equations, Inequalities
Assigned Problems: 2 hours
Session 5: 3 hours
GRE Math Fundamentals: Geometry & Coordinate Geometry
Assigned Problems: 2 hours
Session 6: 3 hours
Advanced GRE Math Topics: Statistics, Equally Spaced Numbers
Assigned Problems: 2 hours
Session 7: 3 hours
Advanced GRE Math Topics: Permutations, Combinations, Venn Diagrams
Assigned Problems: 2 hours
Session 8: 3 hours
Advanced GRE Math Topics: Probability, Sequences, Rate/Work
Practice Test: 4 hours
"I count the Austin Elite Prep learning experience as one of the most transformative of my life, giving me a relationship with math I never thought possible.  Dr. Amar and Dave meet you where you are, sit across a table from you, and somehow make it feel like a game or an adventure covering the material.  ... Thank you, Dave and Dr. Amar, for believing in me and awakening my potential."

- Jacy
Session 9: 3 hours
Practice Test Review, Final Questions
End of GRE Math Prep Course

You will raise your GRE score with our program. Guaranteed.
For Austin Elite Prep's refund policy, please see the Enrollment Agreement.
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The above schedule reflects the instructional time at Austin Elite Prep, and average times of assigned homework and one diagnostic test taken on your own time. (The GRE Plus and GRE Premium options also include our math bootcamp and tutoring hours.) In an effort to continuously enhance your GRE content learning and practice, we may periodically make modifications to the structure of these sessions.

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