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Cookie-cutter essays will not demonstrate your unique strengths as a candidate – nor will a generic resume or weak interview.  Our in-house MBA admissions consultant provides personalized service, practical steps, and strategic advice to ensure your application is at its best. Consulting slots are limited, so please submit your request for application support 30+ days prior to your deadline(s).

What You'll Receive

from Austin Elite Prep's Graduate School Admissions Consulting

  • Initial assessment and planning (1.5 hours)
  • Optional recommendation review

Statement of Purpose Editing Services

  • Statement of Purpose guidance and editing (up to 4 drafts)
  • Resume review (notes on possible problem areas)

MBA Admissions Consulting: End-to-End Comprehensive Services

  • MBA essays guidance and editing (up to 4 drafts)
  • Resume update
  • Application finalization
  • Interview preparation
"I had an incredible experience working with Elaine on my MBA applications. She has a wealth of knowledge on the overall process and individual details. I developed a clear understanding of each school and how to best position myself to them.

... We had long calls discussing my intentions to apply, my background, and my goals. I uncovered traits and factors that I didn't realize were significant in my career development, that I would end up writing about to the admissions committee. She guided me through trial-and-error and lots of back-and-forth exchange in the essays and interview prep. ...

I was confident in submitting my application and knew that I had presented myself accurately and effectively."

- Shanee

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MBA Admissions Consulting: End-to-End Comprehensive Services

Statement of Purpose Editing Services

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MBA Admissions Consulting: End-to-End Comprehensive Services

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Initial Assessment and Planning

What do I need to do to start? what you're probably wondering. Our expert kicks off the process with a conversation. Talk over your career and goals, your application strengths and weaknesses, and the schools that might make a good fit for you. Discuss what your next steps will be in the admissions process, and figure out your best strategy.

MBA Resume Update
"Elaine really took the coach, teach, and mentor approach with me at every stage of the process. ... She gave me guidance on the schools that I was looking at, and some schools that I didn’t really think of much before, and all the different pros and cons for each school."

- Steven

What's Included in MBA Admissions Consulting: End-to-End Comprehensive Services

Highlight your career achievements and leadership. Send your most recent resume to our expert to be tailored for the admissions committee. We will work with you to showcase your business strengths and explain your career progression, all on one page. (Yes, we have extensive experience working with MBA applicants coming from non-business backgrounds.)

MBA Essay Review
Andres at MIT Sloan School of Management

Stand-out MBA essays take planning, thought, and several drafts. Submit what you consider to be your final essay drafts (not a rough cut) at least two weeks before the application deadline. Our expert will provide you with detailed comments and straightforward feedback for improvements, and edit your final product. Don't get stuck! You may ask for brainstorming time or input at any step of the process.

Stephen at Chicago Booth
Up to Three Revisions on Essays per Business School Application

Essays evolve, and we want you to do your best work. You may submit up to three revisions on essays per school.

Recommender Preparation and Optional Recommendation Review
Sam and Chris at Columbia

Make sure that you get strong recommendations that bolster your application. Our expert will advise you on how to work with your recommenders. And if a recommender is not sure if he has helped strengthen your application? Our expert will not say what to write, or how to write it, but she can advise on whether your recommendations will help or harm your application, and she can explain why.

Application Finalization

Congratulations, you've gotten an invitation to interview for acceptance to business school! Now it's time to practice for the interview with our expert - 2.5 hours per school.

Don't allow short answers to become an obstacle to your acceptance. Plan with our expert ahead of time to review your application entries before you hit "Submit."

Maia at the University of Texas
Interview Preparation
Ethics Statement
Octavio at MIT

Your work must be your own.  Austin GMAT Review provides expert feedback and editing, as well as advice specific to your target business school, but we will not write your essays for you, nor do your thinking for you.

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