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Why Take a GRE Course?

Austin Elite Prep offers the best in-person GRE prep course in Austin.



Austin Elite Prep offers exceptional quality GRE courses and personal coaching to students in the Austin / Round Rock / San Marcos area.


To achieve your best GRE score, start with the best GRE preparation. We provide a structured course curriculum and experienced professors in a personalized and supportive environment – just what you need to perform your best on test day.


In small-size, in-person GRE prep classes, you'll get help with your questions. Outside of the classroom, you'll study with effective materials.


Knowing that you're prepared will help you to be more confident when you take the GRE exam. You'll do better.


GRE Preparation

You don't have to go it alone. Our in-person GRE prep course focuses on what really counts for the exam, and our dedicated professors can help you better prepare for its many aspects.


Best of all, you have the option to choose the GRE prep option that works best for you.


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Face the GRE with Confidence.

Personalized GRE Prep Can Help.

Austin Elite Prep's

GRE Prep Courses

in Austin, Texas

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: After taking our GRE prep course, if you think you can do better, come back and re-take the class at no extra cost. No fine print. We want you to achieve the best GRE score that you can.

First Class of 2019!

The Best GRE Prep Course

Cover GRE math and verbal topics, build your critical thinking skills, review practice questions, and receive complete GRE preparation. The in-person Comprehensive GRE Course gives you 39 hours of expert instruction and individual attention in a small classroom setting.

GRE Premium for MBA

Our GRE Premium package combines 51 hours of GRE preparation (including 6 hours of 1-1 tutoring) with MBA admissions consulting for two business schools. Even if you don't come from a business background, we can help you navigate the MBA application process from beginning to end.

GRE Math Review

Our GRE Math Review focuses on providing you with the best approaches to even the most difficult math topics. Understand math topics and recognize topics for a higher GRE math score.

Four More Reasons To Feel Confident About GRE Prep.

  • We focus on what counts for the GRE exam. We won't waste your valuable time, and we only use official GRE questions, to ensure that you are prepared for the real exam.

  • We provide GRE strategies. No tricks, just the best way to learn topics and avoid traps.

  • Our professors are GRE prep experts and great teachers. It helps to learn from the best.

  • We're from Austin. We have been offering exceptional test preparation for an entire decade. Even after your class ends, we'll be around to help you.

Applying to a top graduate school requires a top GRE score. Our GRE Plus provides you with additional quant focus with the Math Bootcamp, included in our proven 45-hour course curriculum. Plus, you will receive 2 hours of 1-1 tutoring with your professor.

Austin Elite Prep's GRE Math Review will allow you to master the GRE math section. GRE Math Review Our in-person GRE prep course are ideal for people applying to competitive business schools. GRE Premium for MBA

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Austin Elite Prep GRE Course - The Best GRE Prep

GRE Plus

GRE Plus

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Austin Elite Prep presents MBA Admissions 101 on Saturday, November 10, 2018, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Presentation exclusively for our students by our admissions expert Elaine Conces.

How important is your GRE score to schools?

How do you write stand-out essays?

What should you put in your resume?

How can you coach recommenders (ethically)?

... and much more. RSVP to your professor.