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GRE Premium Package for MBA Applicants

As an applicant to a top MBA program, put your best foot forward. Our GRE Premium package gives you 51 hours of personalized GRE preparation plus MBA admissions consulting for two business schools. Whether or not you come from a business background, we can help.


On the road to business school, getting a great GRE score is your first step. The next step is to assemble an application that highlights your achievements and potential.

Ethics: Your work must be your own.  Austin Elite Prep provides expert feedback and editing, as well as advice specific to your target business school, but we will not write your essays for you, nor do your thinking for you.


Jan. 8 - Feb. 19

Get MBA admissions coaching and essay help completely personalized for you. Our consultant will work with you to navigate the MBA admissions process. Enroll Now

A strong GRE score can be your key to admission to top business schools. Austin Elite Prep, an affiliate of Austin GMAT Review, offers the best GRE prep to achieve the score you need. Guaranteed.

GRE Prep Services: What You'll Receive

Our GRE prep course provides a comprehensive review of more advanced GRE quant and verbal topics, including better methods to recognize patterns, manage your time, and efficiently solve problems. The foundational Math Bootcamp is also included in the package. With an additional six hours of 1-1 coaching from our expert, you will be ready for test day and confident as you head into the exam.

from Austin Elite Prep's Premium Package

  • 6 hour Math Bootcamp before the math portion of your GRE course starts, providing you with a refresher on math basics before you plunge into more difficult content

  • 39 hours of live classroom instruction and practice; small-group class with limited enrollment, allowing a high level of personal attention

  • 6 hours of 1-1 tutoring before your exam, structured into three sessions (2 hours each), allowing you to get personalized coaching, test review, and strategies

  • Structured study curriculum covering the GRE math and GRE verbal test sections,  with proven techniques to improve your test performance

  • All GRE books and study materials for the course

  • Exceptionally qualified professors with graduate degrees and extensive experience explaining difficult academic subjects in understandable terms to students 

  • Invitation to our MBA Admissions 101 workshops, provided exclusively to our students

Component 2: MBA Admissions Consulting

GRE Prep for

Top Business Schools

+ Math Bootcamp

Saturday, January 5

51 hours GRE prep

(including 6 hours tutoring) &

MBA admissions consulting for 2 schools

2018 Package Price: $3550

Your best MBA application requires "show and tell": Tell your story, and show who you are, your past leadership, and your future potential. Our MBA admissions expert will help guide the way for your first two schools.

Comprehensive Consulting Services: What You'll Receive

from Austin Elite Prep's Premium Package

  • 1.5 hour kickoff meeting to discuss your goals with our expert, along with your application's strengths and weaknesses, and schools that might make a good fit

  • MBA resume review by our expert to show your career progress and showcase your business strengths (especially important if you come from a non-business background)

  • MBA essay review of your near-final essay drafts (not a rough cut), which includes detailed comments, straightforward feedback, and a final polish that retains your own thoughts and "voice"

  • Up to 3 revisions on essays per business school, allowing you the freedom to evolve your thoughts for your essays

  • Recommender preparation and optional recommendation review to ease the process for you and your recommender and strengthen your application while staying within clear ethical boundaries

  • Application finalization to help you review those short but vital answers before you hit "Submit"

  • 2.5 hours interview preparation (if & when you get the invitation to interview) to go over your answers to common and not-so-common admissions questions

Allow at least three weeks for resume review and two weeks for essay review.

Class Times:


6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

GRE Class Schedule

Math Bootcamp

Sat, January 5

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

GRE Math Classes

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Week 5:

Jan 08 & 10

Jan 15 & 17

Jan 22 & 24

Jan 29 & 31

Feb 05

GRE Verbal Classes

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Thur, Feb 07

Feb 12 & 14

Feb 19

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Request 1-1 Tutoring

directly from your professor.

Component 1: GRE Preparation

Austin Elite Prep presents MBA Admissions 101 on Saturday, November 10, 2018, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Presentation exclusively for our students by our admissions expert Elaine Conces.

MBA Admissions 101 topics include:

  • How important is your GRE score to schools?

  • How do you select the right school for you?

  • What is the best way to make a good first impression?

  • How do you write essays that highlight your individual strengths?

  • What should you put in your resume? And what doesn't go in?

  • How should you coach your recommenders (and remain in the ethical lines)?

  • What can you do to stand out from the crowd? … in a good way!


RSVP to your professor in advance.