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GRE Plus



Typical Structure of the GRE Course


What You'll Receive

  • 39 hours of live classroom instruction and practice; small-group class with limited enrollment, allowing a high level of personal attention

  • 6 hour Math Bootcamp before your GRE course starts, providing you with a refresher on math basics before you plunge into more difficult GMAT math content

  • 2 hours of 1-1 tutoring before your exam to go over any problem areas with your professor  

  • Structured study curriculum covering the GRE math and GRE verbal test sections,  with proven techniques to improve your test performance

  • All GRE books and study materials for the course

  • Exceptionally qualified professors with graduate degrees and extensive experience explaining difficult academic subjects in understandable terms to students 

GRE Prep for

Top Graduate Schools

GRE Class Schedule

GRE Math Classes

The above schedule for our in-person GRE prep course is typical and apportions time to GRE lectures, practice, and question-and-answer time. This allocation is subject to dynamic adjustment depending on the needs and performance of the  GRE class.

Session 1



Session 2



Session 3



Session 4




Session 5



Session 6



Session 7




Session 8



Session 9


Session 10



Session 11



Section 12-13

3 hours



3 hours



3 hours



3 hours




3 hours



3 hours



3 hours




3 hours



3 hours


3 hours



3 hours



3 hours x2

GRE Verbal:

Reading Comprehension


GRE Verbal:

Critical Reasoning


GRE Verbal:

Sentence Completion

Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)




Assigned Problems (2 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)




Practice Test (4 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)


Assigned Problems (2 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)



Assigned Problems (2 Hours)




Top graduate schools require a top GRE score. We have just the solution for you: a proven course curriculum, plus our math bootcamp, plus 1-1 help with an expert.

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47-hour GRE course

(including math bootcamp & 2 hours tutoring)

2019 Price: $1590

GRE Verbal Classes

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

October 31 - Dec. 17

Class Times:


6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

GRE Course

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+ Math Bootcamp

You'll get better results working with Austin Elite Prep's experienced professor, who will provide the techniques and strategy you need to advance your score. You will benefit from our in-person GRE prep course, its rigorous curriculum, and effective learning materials. However, we believe that the biggest "plus" for you is our commitment to your success.

The admissions process for top graduate schools can be highly competitive, but a great GRE score can open doors. With the GRE Plus option from Austin Elite Prep, you'll be ready to perform at your personal best. Guaranteed.

Beginning with the foundational Math Bootcamp, you'll build up to advanced GRE quant and verbal topics, learning better methods for pattern recognition, time management, problem-solving, and test-day execution. Plus, you'll receive 1-1 tutoring help with our expert.

from Austin Elite Prep's In-Person GRE Prep Course

GRE Math Fundamentals:

Comparisons-I, Percents


GRE Math Fundamentals:

Exponents, Integers-I


GRE Math Fundamentals:

Integers-II, Algebra Intro


GRE Math Fundamentals:

Linear & Quadratic Equations, Inequalities


GRE Math Fundamentals:

Geometry & Coordinate Geometry


Advanced GRE Math Topics: Statistics, Equally Spaced Numbers


Advanced GRE Math Topics:

Permutations, Combinations, Venn Diagrams


Advanced GRE Math Topics:

Probability, Sequences, Rate/Work


Practice Test Review

Saturday, October 19

Math Bootcamp

Sat, October 19

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

directly from your professor.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Oct 31

Nov 05 & 07

Nov 12 & 14

Nov 19 & 21

Nov 26

Dec 03

Dec 05

Dec 10 & 12

Dec 17

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