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GRE Math Review

If your GRE math score needs an extra boost to get you into your graduate program, you have the option to take only the math portion of Austin Elite Prep's comprehensive GRE course.


The professors at Austin Elite Prep are experts in all GRE math subjects. More importantly, they know how to explain the concepts in way that makes it easier for you to learn. You will build a strong foundation in GRE math essentials and learn the most efficient methods to tackle the toughest math topics.


You'll be able to grasp GRE math concepts in a way that you hadn't before. You'll recognize patterns. Practice will reinforce learning, and when you have questions, a professor will not just provide you with answers, but methods to solve the GRE math problems more quickly. Remember, it's not just learning math; it's learning how to execute on test day.



Typical Structure of the GRE Math Review


What You'll Receive

from Austin Elite Prep's GRE Math Review

  • 24 hours of live classroom instruction and practice; small-group class with limited enrollment, allowing a high level of personal attention

  • Unique math workshop (3 hours) giving you a strong math foundation before moving to more advanced GRE math topics

  • Structured study curriculum for improved learning of GRE math concepts  

  • All GRE books and study materials for the math section of the GRE class

  • Highly qualified professors with experience explaining math to students

GRE Math Review

GRE Math Review over  One Month

(26 hours total)

2017 Price: $990

The above schedule is typical and apportions time to GRE lectures, practice, and question-and-answer time. This allocation is subject to dynamic adjustment depending on the needs and performance of the GRE class.

Session 1



Session 2



Session 3



Session 4



Session 5



Session 6



Session 7



Session 8

3 hours



3 hours



3 hours



3 hours



3 hours



3 hours



3 hours



3 hours

Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours)



Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours)



Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours);

Practice Test 1 (1 Hour)


Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours);

Practice Test 2 (1 Hour)


Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours);

Practice Test 3 (1 Hour)


Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours);

Practice Test 4 (1 Hour)


Reading Assignment (1-2 Hours);

Practice Test 5 (1 Hour)





Focused on your math score? You can master the GRE math section with practice and review. Austin Elite Prep's GRE math review will show you how.

Need Full

GRE Preparation?

GRE Course


6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

GRE Course

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Austin Elite Prep's GRE Math Review Course offers the best GRE math preparation, teaching you efficient methods to approach difficult math topics. Enroll Now

GRE Math Fundamentals:

Comparison Questions, Percents


GRE Math Fundamentals:

Exponents, Integers


GRE Math Fundamentals:

Linear & Quadratic Equations


GRE Math Fundamentals;

Geometry & Coordinate Geometry


Advanced GRE Math Topics;

Statistics, Rate/Work


Advanced GRE Math Topics;

Permutations & Combinations


Advanced GRE Math Topics;

Venn Diagrams, Probability


Advanced GRE Math Topics;

Functions, Operations, Sequences

September 14 to October 12

GRE Math Workshop: September 14

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

GRE Math Classes

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